MRCGP exams

The MRCGP tripos consists of an Applied Knowledge Test (AKT),  Simulated Consultation Assessment (SCA) and Work Place Based Assessment (WPBA). The RCGP website has very detailed and helpful information which is essential for all Associates in Training (AiTs) to explore.

In particular, please study:

Applied Knowledge Test (AKT)     

Simulated Consultation Assessment (SCA)      

Work Place Based Assessment (WPBA)    

GP Curriculum

The Wessex GP School Associate Dean for exams is Dr Chris Elfes, who helps co-ordinate the upskilling of Wessex GP Educators in terms of better assessment support as well as oversight of the different exam support options detailed on this page available to doctors in training (DiT) needing additional support. 

Specific learning differences screening

Wessex GP School offers screening for dyslexia to all GP ST1s before any assessments have been undertaken. This is to look at possible specific learning differences, which can impact on how training and education be best approached. In addition, there might be an indication for Reasonable Adjustments to be recommended for high stakes assessments such as the AKT and SCA. 

Support on Exams (SOX) Educators

Wessex has a number of experienced SOX Educators who can potentially meet a doctor in training and their educational supervisor (ES)after reviewing three video consultation recordings. This can be a powerful way to support the DiT and ES in prioritising developmental areas on which to work before a future exam sitting.

Examiner 1-1 Support sessions

Wessex is able to allocate 1-1 Examiner sessions for some doctors in training needing more specific, additional support after not yet passing their exams despite two attempts.

Applied Linguistics

If there are significant linguistic challenges affecting consultations with patients, then Wessex does have access to a specialist.

Professional Support and Wellbeing Service (PSWS)

In addition to the support available by the GP School, all AiTs have access to the confidential, broader PSWS services. These can include, for example: enhanced exam support, wellbeing support, personal coaching, neurodiversity support and coach coaching.