About the school

Welcome to GP training in Wessex

The NHS England Wessex School of General Practice is proud of its long tradition of involvement in training, having created the first ever two-year GP training scheme in Winchester, in 1959. Wessex remains at the forefront of innovation, working closely with the Wessex Primary Care Training Hubs to support the development of multi-professional roles in primary care. In 2020, Wessex was the pilot office for the new trainee portfolio for the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

Wessex encourages trainee involvement with educational research. In work with the Wessex LMC, Wessex Faculty of the RCGP and Next Generation GP, Wessex supports and innovates education and leadership, throughout training and beyond.

Doctors in Training (DiTs) are allocated to a programmes in one of Wessex’s four Patches, each with a local education team, who run the day-release course and offer pastoral support. These teams meet regularly, centrally, to collaborate across the deanery. Being one of the smaller deaneries enables Wessex to engage with all of its trainees and hospital trusts. Wessex is also able to work closely with neighbours across the South East Region.

Its location in the south of England, with good transport links to London, proximity to the coast and national parkland, makes Wessex very attractive for trainees seeking a good work-life balance.

Dr Mary-Rose Shears
Primary Care Dean