GP Trainer Approvals

Becoming a GP Educational Supervisor

Qualified GPs who wish to become an Educational Supervisor (GP Trainer) should contact their Patch Office for a conversation with the GP Associate Dean as a first step.

We have provided a useful route to becoming a Wessex GP Educational Supervisor (GP Trainer)

Applicants will need to attend a Modular Course for Prospective GP Trainers course and complete the application form.

The Patch Office will then arrange for an approval visit to the prospective trainer’s practice. The application form becomes the basis for the visit report which is submitted to the GP School with the visiting team’s recommendations for approval. The report will be considered by the Primary Care School Board (PCSB) who will send formal confirmation of approval to the new GP trainer.

First approval is for 24 months.

GP Educational and Clinical Supervisor forms (for new and re-approvals)

GP Trainers application form and new site visit report 2022 – combined application form and visit report for new GP Trainers at a new site. Also for reapproval of an existing approved trainer at a new site.

New GP Trainers at an approved site application form 2022.

GP F2 Clinical Supervisor application form and criteria – combined application form and Visit Report for non-Trainers who wish to be a Clinical Supervisor of an Foundation Year 2 (F2) trainee in a practice

Re-approval as a GP Educational Supervisor

The first re-approval visit will usually take place after the completion of 12 training months with a trainee in the practice – a “trainee year”. During this time, the trainer must attend the New Trainer Course.

For subsequent re-approvals, the trainer must attend the Experienced Trainer Course every three years.

For each re-approval the trainer will complete and submit the re-application form to the Patch Office at least one month before the approval visit.

After the visit, the visit report and recommendation will be sent to the GP School for consideration by the PCSB. The GP School will send formal written confirmation of approval to the trainer.

Extensions (up to 12 months) for Approved GP Educational Supervisors

GP Trainers extension request form – application form for GP trainers who require an extension to their approval for up to 12 months. Typical examples of extension requests are; statutory leave; visits unable to be arranged in time for Primary Care School Board (PCSB).

The GP trainers extension request can only be considered after the Patch AD has signed the form.

Retiring GP Educational Supervisors

Retirement approval form for GP trainers.