Clinical and Educational Supervisors in Primary Care

Mandatory courses

GPs must attend courses before they can begin practising as a GP Clinical or Educational Supervisor.

The following courses have been tailor-made to provide Wessex primary care Clinical and Educational Supervisors with the:

  • Initial skills they require to develop, supervise and train GPs in postgraduate training throughout their clinical training and induction into surgeries
  • CPD they require to continue in their role(s)
GP Clinical Supervisors

The GP Clinical Supervisors Course introduces prospective Wessex GP Clinical Supervisors to the educational theory necessary to supervise a foundation, GP in postgraduate training or retention doctor in general practice.

GP Clinical Supervisors must gain re-accreditation as a Wessex GP Clinical Supervisor every 3 years, by attending the GP Clinical Supervisors Refresher Course.

GP Educational Supervisors (‘Trainers’)

GP Trainers Modular Course for Prospective GP Trainers

This course aims to provide an opportunity to consider, in depth, the roles and responsibilities of a GP Educational Supervisor, with a view to applying to become a trainer. It helps participants to:

– Appreciate the contribution that contemporary learning theory makes to GP training
– Understand, and feel confident, in establishing another person’s educational needs and learning agenda
– Practice the various educational methods and approaches available to the GP trainer and appreciate their value
– Begin the first part of the Postgraduate Certificate in Education

GP Trainers New Trainer Course

This course assimilates the practicalities and inevitable questions that need discussing when a GP Educational Supervisor (‘Trainer’) has a GP in postgraduate training in the practice. It covers the GP portfolio in depth, issues relating to GP’s performance, and the ability for the GP Educational Supervisor to calibrate how they are doing as a new trainer.

GP Trainers – Experienced Trainer Course

GP Educational Supervisors (‘Trainers’) are required to gain re-approval every 3 years. This 3-day course helps experienced GP Educational Supervisors:

– Review their educational needs
– Meet their own and other’s educational objectives
– Review the educational needs of those entering general practice (using simulated GP registrars)
– Tackle current issues in general practice education

CPD courses

The following optional courses provide CPD for GP Clinical / Educational Supervisors, to help them continue in their role(s):

Educator Development

– Educator Development – Crucial Conversations
– Educator Development – Introduction to Coaching
– Educator Development – Mental Health Awareness
– Educator Development – Providing Career Support for Doctors in Postgraduate Training
– Educator Development – Shame in Medicine
– Educator Development – Tomorrow’s Teachers III: Facilitation Skills for Established Educator
– Educator Development – Using your Emotional Intelligence to Maximise your Impact as an Educator

– GP Clinical Supervisors – Enhanced Clinical Supervisor Course
– GP Clinical Supervisors – Enhanced Clinical Supervisor Refresher Course

– GP Trainers – Exam Upskilling
– GP Trainers – Trainers of Trainees Needing Professional Support
– GP Trainers – Practical ePortfolio Update (the good, the bad and the ugly)

How to book

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