Psychotherapy Training for Higher Trainees

Higher Speciality Psychotherapy Training

We continue our commitment during higher speciality training to providing relevant and quality psychotherapy training experience.

All higher speciality trainees are expected to undertake at least one training experience within psychotherapy per year and to obtain a suitable associated assessment to accompany the training experience. There are a wide range of psychotherapy training opportunities throughout all the specialties and subspecialties.

What constitutes a psychotherapy training experience is kept intentionally broad to allow trainees to follow their particular interests. The psychotherapy tutor will work with you to help clarify and assess which cases are suitable.

Case Based Discussion Group ( CBDG )

There are regular Case Based Discussion groups available for all higher trainees. These tend to be specialty specific and continue the reflective, psychotherapeutic learning process started within core training. 

Attending one of these groups will count towards one year’s psychotherapy training experience. Attendance at a CBD Group is encouraged throughout higher training as psychologically informed reflective practice is fundamental to good psychiatric practice. Ongoing attendance at a CBD group cannot however count as the entirety of psychotherapy experience for the three years of higher training!

Help and support

The Wessex Psychotherapy Tutor Dr Catherine Smith is available to help and advise trainees alongside your local tutor. Contact Cath by email