Psychiatry ARCPs

This page is to ensure that doctors in Psychiatry training are aware of the specific requirements and resources available for their Annual Review of Competency Progression (ARCP). Information and guidance on the ARCP process can be found on our Accreditation and Revalidation pages and should be used in conjunction with this page.

Core Training ARCPs

The Wessex School of Psychiatry have provided a summary document of the minimum necessary evidence required for ARCP’s in each year of Core Psychiatry Training and are in addition to the required documents stated on the Accreditation and Revalidation pages. The Core Psychiatry curriculum can be found on the Royal College of Psychiatrists website and will detail the minimum requirements for each year of training.

Higher Psychiatry ARCPs

The Royal College Guidance suggests that all higher trainees must complete a minimum of 12 workplace based assessments over the course of 12 months. The Wessex School of Psychiatry advises trainees to discuss the type of workplace based assessments that are most suitable to your working environment with your educational supervisor.

Mini-PATs: if you have had two posts in the past 12 months you are advised to complete two mini-PATs, once for each placement. For trainees that have been in the same post for 12 months one mini-PAT needs to be completed.

Curriculums and guidance for each of the higher specialties can be found on the Royal College of Psychiatrists website