Old Age Psychiatry

The Wessex Old Age Psychiatry programme is a well-established and friendly scheme, currently with 11 posts. With more approved training providers than posts, we are able to tailor training experiences to meet individual training requirements/ interests. The size of the scheme means that trainees are well supported by their peers and consultant colleagues.

Posts are hosted by Southern Health Foundation Trust (North, West and East Hampshire and Southampton), Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust, Solent NHS Trust and Isle of Wight NHS Trust. We offer excellent clinical experience in well-developed multidisciplinary community, inpatient and liaison teams with opportunities for academic learning through a range of local and regional teaching programmes.

The monthly Professional Programme, a three-year rolling programme for all specialist psychiatry trainees, is aimed at developing knowledge, skills and attitudes in preparation for Consultant practice. The two-monthly Wessex Older Persons Mental Health Academic programme, provides networking opportunities with Old Age Psychiatrists and other Specialists across Wessex.

There are strong academic departments across the region, involved in world class research. Trainees are supported to develop their research experience through higher qualifications and to present at national and international conferences.

There are a range of psychotherapy opportunities including Case Based Psychotherapy groups attended jointly with Intellectual Disability Psychiatry trainees.

Special interest sessions are actively promoted, with Older Persons Medicine, Neurology, Liaison and Substance Misuse to name a few. The medical school offers excellent teaching opportunities and trainees can explore qualifications in Medical Education, Geriatric Medicine, or Mental Health Law.

Trainees are encouraged to undertake management projects and leadership roles working with experts in various fields within the large geographic area. Acting up roles are encouraged in the final year of training, always taken up with great enthusiasm.