Head of School

Dr Julie Onslow

Regional Adviser

Dr Jonathan Chambers

Deputy Regional Advisor

Regional Adviser in Chronic Pain

Dr Dominic Aldington

Regional Adviser in Intensive Care

Dr Matthew Williams 

Programme Director for ST3+

Dr Ian Taylor

Programme Director for ST1/2s

Dr Poppy Mackie

Programme Director in ICM

Chair of the Trainee Committee

Dr Rachel Williams

Consultant with special responsibility for less than full time training

Dr Katharine Barr
01305 254414

Representative from a small DGH

Dr Jonathan Chambers
01305 254414

Education Programme Manager

Education Co-ordinator

College Tutors


Dr Nina Ashraf-Kashan 


Dr Claire Joannides

Poole/ Bournemouth

Dr Rachael Ford (Poole)

Dr Tom Hutley (Bournemouth)



Dr Suzanne Coulter


Dr Lucy Marhsall

Dr Mai Wakatsuki


Trainee representatives

Chair of Trainee Representatives

Dr Jo Pointon 

Less than Full time Trainee Representative

Dr Katie Elliott

Hospital Rep – Southampton

Dr Vinny McGovern 

Hospital Rep – Basingstoke

Dr Laurence Baker 

Hospital Rep – Winchester

Dr Emma Killick 

Hospital Rep – Portsmouth

Dr Scott Murgatroyd 

Hospital Rep – Salisbury

Dr Suzy Shuttleworth 

Hospital Rep – Poole/ Bournemouth

Dr Alex Pettipher

Hospital Rep – Dorchester

Dr Tom Nicholls 

ICM Trainee Representative

Dr Ian Sheldrake

GAT Link (Group of Anaesthetists in Training)


WOA (Wessex Obstetric Anaesthetists)

Dr Heidi Lightfoot 

Post FRCA Teaching Committee

Dr Alisha Allana & Dr Rachel Williams