Stage 2 Training

Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) Guide to Stage 2 Training

Stage 2 is the middle 2 years of the Anaesthetic Training Programme i.e. ST4 and 5. This stage is commenced after successful recruitment to higher speciality training.

You will need to inform the RCoA and re-register before starting higher speciality training.

Your placements during this time will be planned so that you will be able to gain the clinical exposure and experience to meet the expected learning outcomes for all the Stage 2 Domains. One of the Stage 2 years will be spent at University Hospital Southampton (UHS) completing 3 months each of the specialities such as Cardiothoracic, Neuro, Paediatrics. The other year is spent in a DGH. 3 months Stage 2 ICM may be rostered to be completed in UHS or one of the larger DGHs.

Training Regions

In Wessex, we organise the training rotations into East and West sides. You can expect to rotate through the majority or all the hospitals on your side of the rotation.

East side rotations will include working at University Hospital Southampton, Portsmouth Hospital and Hampshire Hospitals ( Basingstoke and Winchester, which are on separate sites).

West side rotations will include University Hospital Southampton, University Hospitals Dorset (Poole and Bournemouth, which are on separate sites), Dorchester County Hospital and Salisbury Hospital.

Progressing from ST4 to ST5

In order to progress between ST4 to ST5, you must achieve a satisfactory outcome at your end of ST4 ARCP.

The evidence expected will include showing appropriate progress with Stage 2 Key Capabilities. This will be demonstrated by supervised learning events, personal activities and reflections. You should also have completed a satisfactory annual Multi-course feedback (MSF) and multiple trainer report (MTR).

The ESSR collating all this evidence should be submitted to your Educational Supervisor at least 2 weeks before the ARCP date.

You will also be expected to have passed the FRCA Final written exam by this point in training.

Completing Stage 2

In order to complete Stage 2, you must achieve a satisfactory outcome at your end of ST5 ARCP.

The evidence expected will be a completed Stage 2 training certificate signed by the Regional Advisor and Training Programme Director. The requirements for this are listed in the RCoA training link above.

The Final FRCA must be completed in full and both MTR and MSF attached to an ESSR documenting all the evidence expected.