2019-20 Fund

Wessex asked that the 2019-20 QI support funding was used to support either:

  1. A healthcare issue linked to one of the following areas (listed within the NHS Long Term Plan), and which will use improvement methodology and tools as a key component of the work:

    • Digitally enabled care
    • Integrated care (including primary care)
    • Maternity
    • Children and young people (including mental health)
    • Public health and illness prevention
    • Urgent and emergency care
    • Major health conditions (adult mental health, cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, stroke, and respiratory)

  2. The development or continuing professional development of the workforce in quality improvement (this could be on an individual, team or organisation basis)

The funding is being utilised between September 2019 and September 2020 (although the piece of work or development may not span this entire period). However, recognising the impact dealing with the COVID-19 response, it is envisaged that this work will fall outside of that period.

A summary of the 2019-20 successful fund recipients is available to view.