Shadowing in Wessex

All new F1 doctors are required to attend shadowing in Wessex immediately prior to starting F1. You will be paid for this shadowing time. You will have a shadowing contract separate from your F1 contract. Shadowing usually last for around a week. Your new employer will contact you with more details.

Aims of shadowing

  • Orientate F1s to the hospital where they will be working
  • Improve confidence before starting F1 training
  • Prepare for the clinical and educational challenges of F1
  • Find our how specific posts and teams work

What to expect

Each hospital will tailor their shadowing programme to their local work environment and will usually include:

  • Introduction and orientation to the hospital
  • Several days of ward-based shadowing of current foundation doctors
  • An acute illness management course
  • Explanation of local clinical policies (such antibiotic prescribing)
  • NHS mandatory training (such as fire training, infection control)
  • Opportunity to meet key education and clinical staff (including a buddy or mentor)