Enhance Programme

Enhance in Wessex

Enhance is a new education programme and is part of a national project to prepare the medical workforce for an increasingly complex and diverse patient population. It has been adapted for the foundation programme to train generalist clinicians who are prepared for the evolving complex needs of our population. The Enhance programme is designed to run alongside and support achieving the foundation programme capabilities.

Enhance is split into two separate offers – Enable and Explore. We are excited to offer Enhance Enable for F1 doctors starting August 2023.


Our bespoke Explore placements for Foundation Year 2 doctors will be piloted in the 2024/2025 academic year.

We will be running a Wessex Enhance Leadership conference in Spring 2025 to give our Foundation Doctors an opportunity to present their projects.

Enhance Enable is a self-directed programme consisting of six modules to be completed across the 2-year foundation programme (three to be done in F1 and three in F2).  Each module has a workbook to complete during self-development time (SDT) and gives suggested evidence on how you can demonstrate the learning outcomes of the module. These outcomes can be supported with clinical, professional, or reflective work. Below is an overview of the modules and the 4 cross-cutting themes. You can right click and choose ‘open image in new tab’ to view this at a larger scale:

Table describing the themes and modules in the Enhance programme

Enhance Enable will be supervised by the local Foundation Programme director and they can advise on how to sign up and the requirements for sign-off of each module. The workbooks can be found on NHS Learning Hub under Enhance for Foundation programme.

Foundation doctors can create their own account on the NHS Learning hub by using the GMC number to sign up.

More information for Foundation doctors can also be found here.

Access to the learning hub can be found here.

A guide for foundation doctors to the Enhance Enable offer can be found here.

Our regional team is also here to support those currently undertaking Enhance:

Dr Craig Prescott – Training Programme Director for Enhance

Dr Daniel Wagstaff – Enhance Educational Fellow

Programme Team – england.enhance.wx@nhs.net