F2 Abroad


Wessex Foundation School will consider applications for F2 abroad in New Zealand and Australia. Applications for F2 abroad in other countries cannot be approved.

Applications from Wessex Foundation School doctors to undertake F2 outside the UK will only be considered if supported by the doctors Foundation Programme Director.

To complete a training programme outside the UK, both the individual and the proposed posts require approval.

The applicant is responsible for arranging the placement outside the UK which will deliver the equivalent of the F2 curriculum.

The proposed training programme must be approved by a Wessex Foundation School Director in advance of commencing F2 and the rotation must represent a programme balanced between different specialties.

The employing organisation outside the UK will need to agree to the following:

  1. To provide appropriate educational and clinical supervision for the F2 equivalent to that expected in the UK
  2. To use the current version of the foundation programme curriculum
  3. To provide education and training appropriate to F2 doctors
  4. To assess the doctors in accordance with the foundation curriculum using the eportfolio

The doctor will not receive payment for study leave during their F2 Abroad as they will not be working for a Wessex employing organisation.


The F1 doctor must complete the online F2 abroad application form – the application form should be submitted to Wessex Foundation School at least 6 months ahead of the start of F2. Our local deadline is the end of January each year. Application window is 02/01/2023 – 20/01/2023.

The F2 abroad process is made up of two parts:

Part A (to be submitted no later than 20/1/2023)

  1. F2 abroad application form, including foundation doctor commitment.
  2. Reference from current F1 Trust Foundation Programme Director, obtained by Foundation School

Part B (to be submitted no later than 3/4/2023)

  • Host Institution agreement
  • A copy of the offer letter from the host institution should also be provided by the foundation doctor

Information about the placement and the individual posts must be provided on the Host Institution agreement form. The form should be completed by the overseas Foundation Programme Director or Director of Medical Education (or equivalent). The form will include the name and contact details of the allocated Educational Supervisor who will be responsible for overseeing the training, assessment and support for the F2 doctor, and also the Clinical Supervisor for each post.

The Foundation School will arrange for the Educational and Clinical Supervisors to be set up on the eportfolio so that they can oversee the assessment process and submit reports online.


Prospective approval of a placement outside the UK for foundation training will require the employing hospital to provide assurance that:

  • It provides high quality training programmes for doctors at a similar stage of experience
  • It will provide appropriate clinical and educational supervision
  • It will provide a named educational supervisor/trainer who will provide supervision/mentorship for the doctor and ensure that the doctor is able to complete the necessary assessments in line with the foundation curriculum and the eportfolio
  • It will provide the doctor with access to career advice and support
  • Programmes that will be considered for approval must comprise a total of 12 months. These programmes should include:  
  • Posts in two or three different specialties which must consist of either 2 x six-month posts or 3 x four-month posts
  • Doctors are expected to arrange a rotation with a broad range of specialties
  • A Wessex Foundation School Director must approve all posts
  • Opportunities to achieve the outcomes necessary for satisfactory completion of F2
  • Whilst in the placement, the doctor must participate in a formal teaching programme that covers the topics outlined in the foundation curriculum
  • The doctor must undertake a supervised quality improvement project
  • Clinical and Educational Supervisors’ reports on the doctor’s progress should be agreed with the doctor and submitted on the eportfolio for each post
  • Wessex Foundation School must be notified if there are any significant educational or training concerns


The doctor seeking approval for a foundation placement outside the UK must agree:

To complete all the requirements of the foundation curriculum on the eportfolio

  • To undertake all assessments, SLEs and complete other requirements prior to their ARCP
  • To follow the foundation curriculum
  • To keep in contact with Wessex Foundation School
  • Keep the foundation school up to date with any changes to their planned rotation


At the end of the year the Foundation Doctor must:

  • Ensure that their eportfolio is completed and that the necessary assessments, SLEs and reports have been submitted. Clinical and Educational Supervisor reports must be submitted for each post.

  • Liaise with the Foundation School about arranging an appropriate date for their ARCP. ARCPs are usually held several weeks before the end of the F2 training year. The ARCP will be carried out remotely, based on the eportfolio. Wessex Foundation School will convene a panel to undertake the ARCP.

Although a placement outside the UK may have prospective approval, Wessex Foundation School are not responsible if any aspect of the programme does not meet the required standard such that the foundation doctor is unable to complete the necessary experience to allow them to successfully complete F2.