Annual Review of Competence Progression

The Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) process is conducted in accordance with the current version of The Gold Guide.

ARCPs should take place each time a doctor in training reaches the end of their training grade and also annually. For many doctors this criteria is met at the Specialties’ annual ARCPs.

NB: Some trainees may need to have more than one ARCP in a calendar year.

The ARCP is a summative formal process to review submitted evidence (usually on the ePortfolio) to assess progression or completion of training. It also clarifies any need for directed training or an extension to training, and is the process used to assure the Responsible Officer (RO) and employer that the doctor is up to date and fit to practice.

During an ARCP, the panel will review the evidence submitted and an outcome is decided following a discussion amongst the panel. All ARCP’s are held in absentia, trainee’s may be invited to an ARCP feedback meeting, and should attend if requested. If there are specific targets for training or the need for additional training, these expectations will be clearly documented. The doctor in training should meet with their Educational Supervisor to ensure these are embedded in the subsequent learning agreement. Guidance and links to all relevant documents and resources across all specialties can be found below.

Requirements & Guidance

It is the Doctor’s responsibility to ensure they have submitted the following evidence in accordance with the deadline specified in their ARCP notification email:

Enhanced Form R Parts A and B – From 1 September 2022 all Form R’s are to be completed via the Trainee Information Self Service Portal. Please read through the email and guidance that you are sent by your ARCP Notification ahead of your ARCP.

Once the trainee has completed their Form R they must follow the instructions in their ARCP notification email carefully to ensure their Form R is made available to the ARCP panel and the Revalidation Team. If a completed Form R is not available for the panel to review this will result in an outcome 5 and the trainee will be contacted by the Postgraduate Dean. If a doctor fails to submit their Form R within the deadline given, they will receive an outcome 2, 3 or 4 as appropriate (according to training progression).  See the COPMeD guidance for incomplete Form R’s.

An Educational Supervisor’s Report – This should include every day of the posts a doctor in training has held since their last report was submitted. This may mean that they require more than 1 report.

Up to date evidence of a doctor in training’s activities since their last review – e.g. WPBAs, reflections, audit, logbook, certificates, curriculum sign-off, etc.

Reflection on Work Outside of Training Form (Word Doc) – If applicable. Only for work that a doctor has undertaken outside of training, not additional locum shifts in their current Trust under their training specialty. Trainees should contact their Training Programme Director (TPD) for further information. The doctor needs to then upload the clearly named document to their Personal Library or to the relevant section of their ePortfolio.

Reflective practice for any significant events in which a Doctor in training has been involved – if applicable. Doctors should remember that in respect of significant events, complaints or compliments, patient identifiable information must not be included. See the COPMeD guidance for Reflective Practice.

Keep in mind:  It is the doctor’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary documents are submitted by the deadline set. If the evidence is not submitted by the deadline, it is possible that the trainee will receive an unsatisfactory ARCP outcome, which may delay their progress to the next year of training and lead to deferment of their Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

If a trainee has been involved in any significant events which have gone through Trust processes they should inform HEE Wessex and the trainee may receive formal notification from them. This information will not necessarily impact the view taken on the doctors entire evidence for revalidation. Concerns should be discussed directly with the Educational Supervisor or College Tutor.

Academic Training and Doctors on OOPR Doctors preparing for an academic ARCP and doctors Out of Programme should access information and relevent documents required to submit for their ARCP in the Academic section of this website


ARCPs will still take place during the COVID-19 Pandemic however they will take place with a virtual panel.

In recognition that the outcome of an ARCP may be affected by COVID-19 through no fault of the trainee, the Statutory Education Bodies have agreed that two new ARCP outcomes should be introduced for 2020. For information please see the COPMed guidance documents for Covid-19 and HEE information for trainee’s.

To find other documents that are required specific to a specialty, click on the relevant school below:


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