Cardiothoracic Surgery ST1 and Thoracic ST4 National Recruitment

Recruitment for 2023 will follow the Round 1 2023 timetable. The exact timeline has now been confirmed below. Documentation for 2023 is currently being reviewed and updated and will be published here in due course.

Important to note – ST3 recruitment

We like to inform applicants that the August 2022 intake was the last year of recruitment to ST3 Cardiothoracic Surgery posts.

Key dates

Advert: 2/11/2022

Applications open: 10:00am 3/11/2022

Applications close: 4:00pm 1/12/2022

Interviews: 9/2/2023 and 10/2/2023

Application Documents and Links

The below documents are in the process of being reviewed and updated for the 2023 recruitment round. 

Person Specifications


ST1 Applicant Guide – 2023 (coming soon)

ST1 Shortlisting Criteria – 2023 (coming soon)

ST4 Thoracic Applicant Guide – 2023 (coming soon)

ST4 Thoracic Surgery Shortlisting Criteria – 2023 (coming soon)

Post Numbers

Information coming soon