Academic Recruitment in Health Education England – Wessex

Round 1 and Round 1 Re-Advert have already taken place for 2020-2021.

Round 2 Re-Advert Timetable is available on the main recruitment page.

Academic Clinical Fellowship Timetable 2021 here (pdf)
Applications Open Thursday 01 October 2020
Applications Close Wednesday 04 November 2020

Posts available are:
Post 1 – General Surgery or Medical Oncology
or Neurology
Post 2 – Clinical Genetics or Histopathology
or Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Post 3 – Public Health Medicine or Paediatrics
or General Practice
Post 4 – General Psychiatry or Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
or Dermatology
Post 5 – Medical Education Theme
General Surgery or Paediatric Surgery
Post 6 – Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology Theme
Clinical Radiology or Ophthalmology or General Practice
Post 7 – Older people and Complex Health Needs Theme
Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery or General Practice
Post 8 – Dementia Theme
Old Age Psychiatry or Neurology
Post 9 – Acute Care Theme
Anaesthetics or Infectious Diseases or Medical Microbiology

Please note for each post there are up to three clinical specialties that are able to apply, but only 1 ACF post is available.
Applicants applying for NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowships who require clinical benchmarking will be required to complete and submit both an academic application form and the associated clinical application form for the specialty in which they will require clinical benchmarking.
If shortlisted, academic applicants will be required to attend an integrated academic interview, consisting of both academic and clinical questions and assessors.  Those who are considered appointable at the academic interview, who do not hold an NTN or DRN in the specialty, will be invited to attend a clinical interview in the same specialty, at the same training level, providing they have also completed the associated clinical application form.  Any academic offers made will be conditional upon meeting the appointability threshold at the clinical interview.
Please see Specialty training guidance here and the FAQ’s below for more information.

Academic Interviews this year will be an online virtual interview. A Microsoft Teams link will be sent by email a minimum of 1 working day prior to interview. Shortlisted applicants will be requested to email in ID Documents prior to interview, then show virtually on the day of interview.