Paediatric Cardiology ST4 National Recruitment

Recruitment for 2022 will start in November 2021. The Round 2 timeline is available on the Specialty Training website. Key dates regarding the application window and interview date can be viewed below.

There will be no face to face interviews in 2022, all interviews will be carried out remotely.  

Key Dates

Advert: Tuesday 16 November 2021

Applications open: 10am, Thursday 18 November 2021

Applications close: 4pm, Thursday 9 December 2021

Interviews: 23/3/2022 

Application Documents and Links
Post Numbers

All of the below are indicative numbers.

East of England: 0 

London: 4

North East: 0

Mersey: 0

SW Severn: 0

West Midlands: 1

Yorkshire and Humber: 0

Wessex: 0

Scotland: 0

Wales: 0

East Midlands: 1

Northern Ireland: 0