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The long term vision for the South East (SE) Endoscopy Training Academy is the provision of accelerated, co-ordinated, multiprofessional training, aligned and responsive to system workforce needs, and flexible to accommodate latter phases of development.

Latest Update and Communications:

Clinical Endoscopist Training Programme

The South East Endoscopy Training Academy (SEETA) is offering Endoscopy services a flexible way to train healthcare professionals to perform safe endoscopic procedures.  

From April 2023, the South East Endoscopy Training Academy (SEETA) will be overseeing delivery of the HEE Clinical Endoscopy Programme for the South East Region – to be known as the SEETA Clinical Endoscopist Training Programme going forwards. GI endoscopic procedures, traditionally carried out by doctors, are being performed increasingly by nurses and other non-medical registered practitioners, known as clinical endoscopists (CEs) or previously known as non-medical endoscopists (NMEs). To address the increasing demand for endoscopy services, SEETA is working with senior medical and clinical endoscopists, the Joint Advisory Group in GI Endoscopy (JAG), Academy Hub Sites, and Universities to deliver this programme. 

Managers should submit expressions of interest using this online form.

The delivery of the SEETA Clinical Endoscopist Training Programme will not divert drastically from the HEE National Programme delivered from 2016 to February 2023. However we are implementing some changes following feedback across the years from Trusts, learners and broader stakeholders. Changes are based around increasing flexibility for Trusts and learners.

Changes will be as follows:

  • Upper GI Training: 30-52 weeks to complete as opposed to 30 weeks
  • Colonoscopy Training: up to 78 weeks to complete as opposed to 40 weeks
  • Modalities will be Upper GI or Colonoscopy; we will no longer be offering Lower GI
  • Immersion training period will be at an Academy Hub Site (majority of hands on training will still be with trainee’s base hospital)
  • Basic Skills Course (OGD/Colon) will be at an Academy hub site
  • ENTS course at an Academy hub site
  • Digital Resources for theoretical knowledge and Academic writing skills will be made available to all learners
  • More flexible choice of academic module delivery from a higher education institution

We are exploring additional ways of supporting trainees. The SEETA are awaiting our confirmed funding allocation for this programme for 2023/2024. More details will be made available shortly.

Please direct queries to: EndoscopyAcademy.SE@hee.nhs.uk

Possible dates for ENDO1 courses in the South East.
If you would like information about the ENDO1 course or would like to be added to the waiting list please email EndoscopyAcademy.SE@hee.nhs.uk . (Dates and time for the course can be confirmed by email.)

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Main Contact Details:

Matthew Cowan, Clinical Lead: Matthew.Cowan@nhs.net

Ashleigh Stewart, Senior Project Manager: Ashleigh.Stewart@hee.nhs.uk

Isobel Martin, Project Officer: Isobel.Martin@hee.nhs.uk

For general enquiries please contact : EndoscopyAcademy.SE@hee.nhs.uk

The Academy is made up of 5 hub sites across the South East region, they are Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells, University Hospital Southampton, University Hospital Sussex, Portsmouth Hospital University and Oxford University Hospitals. For more information on each hub site and for our latest trainee Experience from Immersion, click the link below: