Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine

Since 2017, HEE Wessex has been able to support Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine training (PHEM), in collaboration with University Hospitals Southampton and Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance.

This program is one of ten national programs through which a Certificate of Completion of Training can be obtained.

Two places are available every two years.

Only Scheme B is offered in Wessex – this is a blended program run over two years during which time the trainee work 50:50 between their base specialty and PHEM. This Scheme was chosen as it most closely replicates how a PHEM practitioner may work subsequent to completion of training and allows adequate time to cover the curriculum, complete the work place based assessments and complete the Diploma in Immediate Medical Care and the Fellowship in Immediate Medical Care.

The current base specialties that can apply are Emergency Medicine and Anaesthesia.

Recruitment is conducted annually through a National system run by the Lead Deanery – currently East of England and is open to trainees at ST4 level and above.

The PHEM component of this training scheme is provided on the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. This service runs both air and car based operations during the day and into the night.

It is highly recommended that applicants read the information available on the website and discuss their application with either the PHEM Training Program Director or Educational Supervisors prior to submission.

Successful applicants have all been able to evidence a long term desire to train in PHEM and have engaged in projects that demonstrate this.


Dr Elizabeth Shewry  – Training Programme Director PHEM (Anaesthesia)