Head of School of Emergency Medicine and ACCS

Dr Lee Gray

Training Programme Director for ACCS

Dr Nicola Sparrow

Training Programme Director for Emergency Medicine ST3

Dr Tonia Donnelly

Training Programme Director for Higher Specialty Training

Training Programme Director for SAS and PHEM Doctors

Dr Liz Shewry

Specialty Tutor – Basingstoke

Dr Emma Christmas

Specialty Tutor – Bournemouth

Dr Peter Swallow

Specialty Tutor – Dorchester

Dr Tamsin Ribbons

Specialty Tutor – Poole

Dr Brian Lockey

Specialty Tutor – Portsmouth

Specialty Tutor – Salisbury

Dr Gail Ng

Specialty Tutor – Southampton

Dr Iain Beardsell

Trainee Representative HST

Dr Abigail Stokes

Anoopkishore Chidambaram

Trainee Representative LTFT

Consultant Nurse

Education Programme Manager

Education Programme Coordinator

Course Leads

Critical Appraisal Course Director

Dr Jay Chitinis

Ultrasound Course Director

Dr Michael Kiuber

Quality Improvement Project Lead

Dr Sarah Morrish

Regional Simulation Lead

Regional Ultrasound Lead

Dr. Joe Schrieber