Wessex local office

The Wessex team would like to welcome you to the Wessex local office. The office is situated within Explorer House, on the outskirts of Southampton, in the Ordnance Survey’s Headquarters, and central to the Wessex region,. It is conveniently located for access to London and Southampton Airport is only 15 minute’s drive from the office.

Wessex has a number of teams who work together in a collaborative style, alongside higher education institutes, local NHS service providers and local authorities to support the education and training of health and care workers across the region. The open plan office, shared with other NHSE Colleagues, encourages a warm culture of openness and support, which helps teams to deliver education with a strong reputation throughout the country.

Hopefully you will find this website useful. Wessex teams welcome any contact – should you have any questions or enquiries, please contact the relevant team via the ‘Contact Us’ information displayed on each section of the website.

The Wessex team wishes you every success and happiness in your time working and learning in Wessex.

Paul Sadler
Wessex & Thames Valley Postgraduate Dean, and South East Regional Dean