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South East Diagnostic & Reporting Radiography Teaching Programme – January to March 2024.

Please join our newly created Radiography Teaching Programme which is being taught by our Multi-Professional Faculty team across the South East.

These sessions have a core target audience of Diagnostic & Reporting Radiographers as identified in the South East workforce specific training needs analysis; however, ALL South East Imaging staff, [AHPs, Medics, Nurses, HCSs, Clinical Support workers etc], are also welcome to attend.

Please see below which are a mix of teaching sessions across a wide range of specialities and modalities. Please note, there may be small changes made throughout the programme, but these will be nominal.

DateTimeFacultySessionTeams Link to join
18/01/202412 – 1 PMTristan BarndenNuclear Medicine: Abnormal bone scan uptake patterns.Click here to join the 18.1.2024 teaching session
25/01/202412 – 1 PMMarion AranjuezCT Critical findings: Head & bodyClick here to join the 25.1.2024 teaching session
29/01/202412 – 1 PMNnenna MonemePatient care – when mistakes happen.Click here to join the 29.1.2024 teaching session
01/02/202412 – 1 PMClare DownsPlain film & Chest/Abdo reporting.Click here to join the 1.2.2024 teaching session
08/02/202412 – 1 PMLawrence HuttonGamma Cameras & Nuclear Medicine exams.Click here to join the 8.2.2024 teaching session
15/02/202412 – 1 PMAbrar AnwarPlain film reporting.Click here to join the 15.2.2024 teaching session
20/02/202412 – 1 PMRichard KnoxNormal variants or other anatomical features mistaken for pathology / injury.Click here to join the 20.2.2024 teaching session
29/02/202412 – 1 PMLuisa Roldao PereiraPrinciples & standards of nuclear medicine competencies & training.Click here to join the 29.2.2024 teaching session
05/03/202412 – 1 PMCat RivettThe role of Medical Physics in optimisation and IRMER audits.Click here to join the 5.3.2024 teaching session
07/03/202412 – 1 PMTamsin ArnoldAn introduction to CT heads: HaemorrhageClick here to join the 7.3.2024 teaching session
14/03/202412 – 1 PMRebecca AylingAn introduction to CT heads: Imaging in stroke careClick here to join the 14.3.2024 teaching session
12 – 1 PMLiz BarrettPlain film reporting / MRI reporting case studies.Click here to join the 19.3.2024 teaching session
21/03/202412 – 1 PMJanis DuffAn introduction to CT heads: Perfect positioning & technique.Click here to join the 21.3.2024 teaching session
28/03/202412 – 1 PMKate RoweUnderstanding your responsibilities under IRR17 & IRMER17.Click here to join the 28.3.2024 teaching session

If you have any questions, please email /

The Vision

The long-term vision for the South East Imaging Training Academy is to increase training capacity, providing a high-quality training experience, and to ultimately increase the number of learners transitioning to the workforce. 

The South East Imaging Training Academy will achieve this by the provision of enhanced training towards independent practice, supporting a diverse multi-skilled imaging workforce, and taking a coordinated approach to delivery of education and training opportunities. 

Development of the South East Imaging Training Academy has progressed in partnership with SE Imaging Networks and Trusts, with a revised Operating Model being agreed autumn 2022.

Purpose and Scope

The overarching purpose of Imaging Training Academies is to expand and support high quality multi-professional training for medical, clinical and support staff, creating a sustainable pipeline for education and training and ultimately increase the numbers of trained professionals within the imaging workforce.  

The scope will include supply and upskilling, from undergraduate level through postgraduate level and include ongoing clinical development and maintaining competence and confidence. 

South East Imaging Training Academy Governance

The South East Imaging Training Academy utilises the above governance structure to support the development of training and education in the South East. These groups have various roles and responsibilities including oversight of annual budgets and risk assurance, to the region wide development of multi-professional education and training offers. Membership can include senior educators and director-level Imaging Network representatives, through to faculty practice educators depending on the group.

The geographical footprint of the SE Imaging Training Academy is aligned to the geography of the four Imaging Networks. There are 4 Academy Hubs across the South East region; Thames Valley, Surrey, Sussex and Frimley, Wessex, and Kent & Medway. The SE ITA therefore includes Dorset NHS Trusts, and Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust within its scope.  

Imaging Training Academies have the potential to provide greater value to the health system than traditional education models as they:

Enable training and supervision capacity to be expanded quickly and much more cost effectively.

Enable innovation in training through rapid at scale adoption of technology enhanced learning and new multi-disciplinary learning models.

Accelerate independent working and service delivery productivity of trainees.

Enable more geographical equity in the distribution of training and hence the health professional workforce.

South East Imaging Training Academy will support education and training for the following professions:

1.  Diagnostic Radiographers

2.  Reporting Radiographers

3.  Clinical Radiologists

4.  Sonographers

5.  Mammographers

6.  Assistant Practitioners

7.  Radiology Nurses

8.  Radiology ancillary staff: Clinical support workers / Admin & Clerical / management

Medical physicists

Diagnostics: Recovery and Renewal – Report of the Independent Review of Diagnostic Services for NHS England:

Diagnostic Imaging Network implementation guide:

Kate Custis, Academy Lead [DRad]:

Tony Newman Sanders, Academy Lead:

Kerry Drover, ITA Senior Project Manager:

For more information about any of the details outlined, please do contact us directly

. Education Development Leads – through a Training Needs Analysis and regional Task and Finish groups these roles are leading the identification and development of region-wide profession-specific educational content. Completed thus far:

–  Reporting Radiography

–  Diagnostic Radiography

Planned for 2023/24:  

.   Mammographers

.   Radiology Nurses

.   Assistant Practitioners

Register your interest here:

·    Senior Sonography Lead – Recruitment underway to appoint a Sonography Lead to support core South East Imaging Training Academy and region wide ultrasound leadership to develop education and training.

·      Radiology Trainee (Medic) curriculum – Development of region wide Academy trainee teaching, through ST1 [E.G., Anatomy and Medical Physics], ST2 – 3 and ST 4 – 5 programmes.

·       New technologies – Procurement of an Image Sharing Platform to enable and support regional teaching and learning. With a 2-phase plan of integration into regional Trust PACs.

·       Medical Physics regional training – Early stages of exploration to support increase of medical physics / healthcare scientist training across the South East.

·       Network / Hub site development – Providing funding to support continuation of Academy hub pilot schemes and further 2023/24 development.

·       Imaging Training Academy sustainability – Through regional assessment and national guidance produce a plan to align the Academy to local systems to become self-sustaining beyond 2024/25.

·       Maturity Assessment – Regional self-assessment of the Academy’s maturity against the national objectives.

·      Radiography Apprenticeship – development of the imaging and radiography workforce at all levels through apprenticeship programmes from Level 3 – 6.

·       Reporting Radiographer training – To support the upskilling of radiographers in image interpretation and reporting, increasing the number of radiographers who can contribute to image interpretation and reporting within clinical imaging teams.

·       Radiology Practice Education – To provide support for learners at all levels, through all routes of education and training, supporting new and existing practice education roles where appropriate, and increasing of practice placement capacity. To include: sonography, mammography, medical physics, clinical engineering, educational route additional support, diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers for all levels of learners.

·       Development and upskilling to enhanced level of practice -To support the upskilling of the imaging and radiography workforce to enable them to practice at enhanced level, through all four core pillars of practice; clinical, education, research and leadership. Support will also be explored in leadership and research at Advanced Practice level.

·       Healthcare Science Apprenticeships and Technologist training – Supporting employers to train medical physics technologists via programmes such as Healthcare Science Practitioner Level 6 Apprenticeship in Medical Physics and IPEM Clinical technologist Training Scheme.

·       CT Colonography training – Supporting radiographers and radiologists to develop skills within scan acquisition and interpretation in colonography.

For general enquiries for the funding offers, please email: