Expired Recognition

All Educational, Named Clinical and Project Supervisors with responsibility for the supervision of a doctor in postgraduate training (doctor) must have GMC recognition as a supervisor. Without it, there is a risk that the period of supervised training will not be valid and cannot count towards accredited training time.

Expired recognition

If a supervisor’s recognition of trainer status has expired, the supervisor must notify the following immediately:

Follow-up actions

If the supervisor with expired recognition is currently supervising a doctor, it will be decided whether supervision can continue pending re-approval of trainer status, or if an alternative recognised supervisor will need to take over their role.

The quality team will decide if re-approval can be granted immediately, or if further evidence is required (similar to the Ongoing Recognition process). If the supervisor has not completed enough CPD since their last appraisal, to enable them to submit their ES-CS reaccreditation example CPD log, they may be required to attend one of the NHSE Wessex ES/CS courses.