Nursing associates / trainee nursing associates

The TVW Primary Care School supports the following nursing associates (NA) / trainee nursing associates (TNA) training opportunities.

Nursing associate / trainee nursing associate network

NHSE Thames Valley and Wessex Primary Care School are delighted to announce the launch of the NA / TNA network on Tuesday 25 April.

This forum has been developed for TNAs and qualified NAs working in Primary Care across the Thames Valley and Wessex regions to come together in a safe space to support one another, share ideas, problem solve and ask questions. It will be facilitated by NA ambassadors and nursing educations from across the region and it is anticipated it will run every 6-8 weeks.

For trainees, attendance can be counted towards your protected learning time and off the job training. For those qualified it can be used as evidence in your revalidation.

The first meeting on Tuesday 25 April will cover introductions, the qualified NA role in Primary Care, top-tips for placements, and a question and answer session.

Topics that have been requested for future meetings are as follows:

  • The NA role as a supervisor and assessor
  • Paediatrics and childhood immunisations
  • CPD opportunities
  • Library services and academic support
  • RNDA programme

To sign up to this network, or if you have any queries, please contact the Thames Valley and Wessex Primary Care School team.