Supported Return to Training

HEE is committed to supporting trainees to return to training after a period of extended absence (3 months or more). The Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) initiative aims to support trainees with their confidence, skills and knowledge so that they can safely and confidently return to practice within their training programme.   

There are already processes in place for supporting trainees on their return to training once they have been out of programme for 3 months or more. We are now looking to support Academic trainees on their return to training after taking their academic block. We would like to ensure that trainees are still able to access this support to ensure a smooth transition on the return to clinical practice. 

The purpose of the Supported Return to Training Guidance (SuppoRTT) is to enhance the experience of doctors returning to clinical practice, enabling them to regain their confidence and previously required skills quickly and safely, significantly benefiting patient safety and quality of care. 

This support includes: 

  • Access to up to three professional development coaching sessions 
  • Access to up to three paid ’reorientation days’ before your return date 
  • Opportunity to attend dedicated return to training courses in Wessex 

Due to the SuppoRTT initiative, if you are planning your academic blocks which will involve more than 3 months absence from clinical training, (please note: if your academic time is split evenly through your training time i.e. 1 day per week or 1 week in four, this may not be applicable) please can you ensure you follow the SuppoRTT guidance, this will include a pre-absence meeting with your educational supervisor.  It is recommended that this meeting takes place between 10-12 weeks before the planned absence.  Complete a pre-absence form which should be uploaded to your e-portfolio, this may also include an Individualised Action Planner (IAP). 

On return to Clinical training, a further meeting with the educational supervisor and an initial Return to Training form completed.  This will then trigger any access to support needed if required. 

All Return to Training forms will need to be completed and submitted even if no support is required. 

It is the responsibility of all trainees and appropriate Educators/Supervisors to ensure that they understand and follow the Return to Training process and documentation as outlined within the guidance document.