Institute of Medical Imaging and Visualisation (Radiology) – Specialised Foundation Programme – University Hospital Dorset NHS Foundation Trust

Employing Trust: University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust.
Department: Institute of Medical Imaging and Visualisation, Bournemouth University
Commencement Dates: August, December, or April
Educational Supervisor: Dr Jamie Franklin Associate Professor and Head of the Institute of Medical Imaging and Visualisation, Bournemouth University
Tel: 07812603236

Clinical Supervisor: TBC
Administrative Contact: Claire McGowan
Tel: 01202 968044 / 01202 964104
For general information:

Main Educational Opportunities
Four-month research and/or education/simulation project(s) at IMIV BU +/- UHD Radiology. Will include one or two supernumerary clinical days at UHD Radiology depending on interest and project(s).

Skill development:

  • MRI Safety Training
  • Ultrasound machine training and basic scanning familiarity
  • GCP training and certification
  • Shadow IMIV team to understand roles and responsibilities

    Education opportunities include involvement in IMIV teaching and training programmes:

    • Simulation training
    • Diagnostic Medicine module of BSc Biomedical Sciences
    • MSc Medical Imaging

    Research experience:

    Wide range of opportunities to be involved in research programme, which is predominantly focused on Gastrointestinal and Hepatopancreaticobiliary Imaging.

    Direct involvement may include:

    • Writing a research protocol and funding proposal
    • GCP and Research Governance issues
    • Participation in an established research project
    • Writing up results for publication

    Formal Teaching Programmes

    • GCP training
    • Regular research meetings
    • Gain experience of Radiology modalities, rotating through lists in UHD Radiology.

    Academic competencies:

    By the end of the attachment the F2 doctor should have done some or all of the following:

    • Undertaken a (systematic) literature review for at least one clinical scenario
    • Undertaken a peer review for at least one clinical trial protocol or publication
    • Presented at least one paper to a journal club
    • Submitted a paper to a National/International meeting
    • Written a paper for publication
    • Attended weekly laboratory meetings if undertaking a laboratory project
    • Written at least one ethics committee submission and attended the ethics committee meeting
    • Gained firsthand experience of the process of informed consent, trial entry, treatment and record keeping in accordance with ICH-GCP.
    a.m.Research/ teaching timeResearch/ teaching timeUHD RadiologyIMIVUHD Radiology
    p.m.Research/ teaching timeResearch/ teaching timeUHD RadiologyResearch MeetingUHD Radiology

    Hours Worked: The post is zero banded
    Planned Changes: None planned

    Further information:

    Please see the IMIV webpage: