Additional Achievements Scoring criteria

Please note the KSS & Wessex SFP SUoA (local) scoring criteria is different from that defined by the other Foundation Schools. If you are applying to two units of application, please ensure you read guidance provided by the other Foundation School.

Information detailed on the KSS & Wessex SFP application form will be scored by the KSS & Wessex SFP SUoA using the following local scoring criteria.

Please ensure that you read details below carefully.


Max Points available : 9 points (Maximum 3 pieces scoring top marks of 3 points each)
Scores per publication (max 3)

3 pointsPublished with PuMed ID
2 pointsEvidence online that it is published in some form, but not listed on PuBMed
1 pointSubmitted but unpublished


Max points available 12 points, with a maximum of 3 pieces of evidence

3 pointsNational/International level (poster)
4 pointsNational/International level (podium/oral presentation)

Additional Degrees / Qualifications

 Primary medical qualification only
 2.2 class honours degree
 3rd class honours degree
 Unclassified honours degree
Maximum score achievable for degree type – 0
 2.1 class honours degree
 Merit class (NOT distinction or pass) for Postgraduate Master’s degree (level 7 only), e.g., MPhil, MSc, MPharm
Maximum score achievable for degree type – 2
 1st class honours degree
 Distinction class (NOT merit or pass) for Postgraduate Master’s degree (level 7 only), e.g., MPhil, MSc, MPharm, MRes
Maximum score achievable for degree type – 5
 Maximum score achievable for domain – 5

Additional degrees give medical students an added opportunity to gain publications, presentations and prizes which attract the majority of marks in our shortlisting criteria. However, we recognise that some students may not have had the opportunity to undertake an additional degree for personal or financial reasons, which does not lessen their academic potential. For this reason, additional degrees will now only score marks if a first or 2:1 (Bachelors) or distinction or merit (Masters) has been achieved.


Honours MA degrees, including those from some Scottish Universities, are undergraduate degrees and therefore classed as honours degrees, not master’s degrees. Honours degrees from Oxford and Cambridge can be converted to master’s degrees after a period of time, but these do not require a further year of study and are therefore classed as honours degrees and not master’s degrees.

Points for postgraduate master’s degrees can only be awarded where the degree represents a further year of study taken in addition to an undergraduate degree (whether as an intercalation or other), and there is a competitive entry requirement of a previous degree or equivalent. If you choose a lesser score as part of the main application, your score will not be upgraded at a later stage following the verification process.

Typically, masters’ degrees are awarded a pass/merit/distinction classification.

Some international medical schools (e.g., the USA) award an ‘MD’ or similar as part of their basic medical qualifications. This qualification does not attract any additional points in this section.

Converting degrees with a Grade Point Average (GPA) score

For applicants who have undertaken an exchange programme of study as part of a degree course or are a graduate from an overseas university where they provide Grade Point Average (GPA) points, the following procedure must be used. Please note that the GPA is different to weighted average marks.

Applicants must take the cumulative, i.e., all years, grade point average (GPA) and calculate the equivalent degree level and select the most appropriate. The evidence provided MUST show the cumulative (GPA) and specify on what scale the degree was scored, otherwise zero points will be awarded.

All applicants converting degrees with a GPA score use the online calculator through GPA Calculator and provide evidence to this effect. Applicants must provide evidence of the calculation from Foreign Credits and not just the final outcome. The Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB) also offers some useful resources for applicants who are looking to submit evidence of overseas / GPA degrees with the calculation and evidence to demonstrate equivalence. Further information can be found on their website

It is the responsibility of each applicant to obtain the necessary evidence of GPA calculations and to demonstrate equivalence with UK standards.