Multi-professional fellowships in primary care

Wessex Primary Care Training Hubs (PCTH) offer a range of multi-professional fellowships including new to practice, service improvement and primary health care delivery. Please see below for further information:

New to General Practice Fellowships

New to General Practice Fellowship (GP)

Hampshire and The Isle of Wight are delighted to launch the “New To General Practice Fellowship (GP)” open to all GPs who have graduated after 1st January 2020. It is a national programme led by NHS England and NHS Improvement, delivered locally by Primary Care Network (PCN) Training Hubs. More information has been provided in this General Practice Fellowship document, which explains the framework in greater detail, highlights the benefits involved and includes an application form.

New to General Practice Nurse Fellowship

HEE Wessex training hub has developed a pathway of learning for newly qualified nurses entering general practice, which is part of the national commitment to the GPN two-year fellowship. This fellowship is a nationally funded programme, which will provide funding for learning and education, funding for mentorship and protected learning. We have provided more information in this GPN Fellowship guidance where we have explained this fellowship in more detail, what it includes and how to opt-in.

Service Improvement and Primary Health Care Delivery Fellowships

PCTH fellowships provide GPs, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, develop new skills, broaden professional networks and develop skills in teamwork and leadership. They also provide opportunities to attend monthly, multi-professional, educational sessions.

Our next round of recruitment for these fellows will be advertised when available via our weekly newsletter. To be added to our newsletter distribution list, please click here.

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