Multi-Professional Roles in Primary Care

HEE Wessex is committed to providing support to all providers of NHS Primary Care services across the Wessex region, to help develop a truly multi-professional workforce in primary care.

One of the most effective ways to develop a multi-professional workforce in primary care is to ensure that healthcare students are given the opportunity to undertake placements in primary care during their education and training. The Wessex Primary Care Training Hubs team work closely with all the Higher Education Institutes across the region to provide these opportunities.

To aid with this, Wessex has produced a guide for employers on Developing Multi-Professional Student Placements in Primary Care. The guide provides answers to some frequently asked questions around hosting students including the duration of student placements and placement tariff available.

The multi-professional workforce currently identified as working in primary care across the Wessex region includes:


Apprenticeships, at all levels, are a fantastic way to develop new or existing staff and a great way improve patient safety and quality of care. Wessex is proud to support several clinical and non-clinical apprenticeships in primary care settings.