Wessex Primary Care Training Hubs

Who are we?

Wessex Primary Care Training Hubs (formally known as Community Education Provider Networks) are a multi-system network of community, primary care and education providers, within a specified geography.

Established in 2016, we have developed four training hubs across the Hampshire and Dorset STP area. These provide sustainable development and upskilling for the wider workforce. The Hampshire and Dorset local training hubs are based around the existing GP education network offices in:

  • Dorset
  • Portsmouth and Isle of Wight
  • Southampton and New Forest
  • Winchester (Mid-Wessex)


The key functions of the Wessex Primary Care Training Hubs are to:

  • Support workforce planning
  • Respond to local workforce needs
  • Provide education programme coordination
  • Ensure education quality 
  • Developing educational faculty 
  • Developing existing workforce     


Further information