FREE Wessex Wellbeing Workshops

HEE Wessex is proud to introduce a series of FREE workshops for Wessex trainees and educators to help improve wellbeing throughout COVID-19.

Each workshop lasts for three hours.

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Body, Mind and Spirit

By the very nature of the work and settings involved, medicine is a challenging career. Certain characteristics of the medical profession’s culture, such as the compulsion to perform at a higher level, and the tacit or overt encouragement to overwork, can erode doctors’ ability to care for themselves or to admit to their vulnerabilities and needs.

Wellbeing represents a broad bio-psycho-social construct that includes physical, mental and social health. Well employees are physically and mentally able, willing to contribute in the workplace and likely to be more engaged at work. 

By prioritising the importance of others’ wellbeing over their own, doctors risk experiencing ‘burn-out’, which in turn (despite their best intentions) can impact on their ability to communicate, care empathetically and act safely as professionals.

This workshop explores the coping styles, mind-sets, life-habits and work-practices which you can develop during your career, which may well determine your future job-satisfaction and career survival.

Please note – participants will be sent a health and wellbeing assessment prior to the event to complete and return. Results to be shared and explored, at the commencement and throughout the workshop.

A series of Body, Mind and Spirit videos have been produced by the workshop facilitator, to help provide a flavour of what the workshop entails.

Building Self-Worth

Looking after wellbeing by managing stress and building a secure sense of self-worth is crucial at all stages of a doctor’s career. This is particularly so at this time of unprecedented challenges, time pressures and emotional demands.

This workshop is suited to all doctors who are looking to enhance their wellbeing, resilience and stay on top of their ‘Inner Game’ in these challenging times. 


The programme looks at how to:

– Manage Demands
– Control your Response
– Choose your Attitude
– Recognize when you are heading for ‘Survival Mode’; and
– Return quickly to ‘Competency Mode’
– Identify and Challenge Thinking Errors
– Distance yourself from Self-Criticism
– Practice ‘Unconditional Self-Acceptance’
– Distinguish Positive Stress (‘Eustress’) from Negative Stress (‘Distress’); and utilize the former whilst minimizing the latter.
– Recognize and gain control of key Psychological Drivers.
– Operate from an internal ‘Locus of Control’
– Identify and mitigate the harms of a hectic ‘Type A’ Lifestyle
– Activate the Relaxation response – and get a good night’s sleep when you most need it!

Take a Break

Stress is something we all experience and can be an important and necessary reaction at times. However, as we know, when continuous, it can lead to burnout or ill health.

This workshop is suitable for those who are keen to explore and share different methods to help alleviate stress, specifically Mindfulness Based Interventions.

It will provide you with an opportunity to experience different techniques and enable you to take those back to the workplace to share with colleagues.


The programme involves:

– Exploring what stress does to individuals
– Looking at the impact of chronic stress
– Looking at and experiencing different techniques to help manage stress, specifically yoga, meditation and breathwork
– Sharing ideas and looking at the evidence of what works for different people and how they can be implemented in the workplace
– An opportunity to relax, enjoy and take a break

Your Relationship Eco-System

Relationships at work can be a source of happiness, wellbeing and fulfilment or a source of stress and anxiety. Either way, relationships underpin everything that we do and aim to achieve.

In this highly interactive workshop we explore how we can engage intentionally with the most important relationship of all; the relationship with ourselves.

We will move on from there to think about how inner congruence and balance not only supports personal wellbeing, but also impacts on our communication within our relationship eco-system.


The programme includes:

– Relationships and wellbeing
– Mapping relationship eco-systems
– Running a personal ecology check
– Finding inner balance and congruence
– Emotional ‘states’
– Personal resourcefulness
– Mindset and intention – deciding what matters
– Connecting with the bigger picture

By the end of the programme you will have practical ideas and suggestions that you can use in your personal and your professional life.

There are a number of trainee and educator dates to choose from. Please see flyers below:

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