COVID-19 wellbeing support

The Wessex Professional Support and Wellbeing Unit (PSW) recognises that many trainees and educators will be facing anxieties during these unprecedented times. Therefore it is important for you to:

Keep up-to-date with the latest HEE COVID-19 information
Utilise Wessex self-help resources
Utilise further self-help resources

Practitioner Health Programme (available to any doctor – links to lots of useful resources, Zoom group, daily webinars etc – you do not need to register to use this service)

iTalk call 023 8038 3920


Living Life to the Full as a Coronavirus health worker

Learner Mental Health Leaflet (PRINTABLE)

NHS Employers Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Emotional and psychological survival guide – Red Whale

Positive Mental Health Foundation – app for mindfulness

BMJ – Self-care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Intensive Care Society – Wellbeing Resource Library

BMA Wellbeing Support Services (available to all UK doctors, medical students and their spouses/partners and dependants aged 16-24) – access is available without being a member

Hospital wellbeing services (counsellors)

Individual Royal Colleges

Speak with your Educators/Supervisors and/or colleagues

This is particularly important if you have experienced difficult or traumatic situations throughout the pandemic (to ensure that the necessary support is put into place in your workplace).

Seek further support (trainees)

Speak to your Educators/Supervisors (where possible), so they can refer you to the Wessex Professional Support and Wellbeing Unit (PSW)

Self-refer* to the Wessex Professional Support and Wellbeing Unit (PSW) – further information below

Seek further support (educators)

We would advise educators to read the Supervisors’ Guide to Supporting Learners’ Mental Health (READ ONLINE) for up-to-date advice on how to help support trainees during this difficult time. A printable version is also available.

We understand that current circumstances are far from “ordinary” for Educators too. Therefore, it is currently possible for Educators to self-refer* to the Wessex Professional Support and Wellbeing Unit (PSW) – further information is available below.

Self-refer to the Wessex Professional Support and Wellbeing Unit (PSW)

Ordinarily we do not accept self-referrals, but we understand that current circumstances are far from “ordinary”. Therefore, if you require additional support as a direct result of experiences with COVID-19* and are unable to discuss any problems you may be experiencing with your supervisor (we still recommend this method where possible), it is currently possible to submit a Self-referral Form to request support from the Wessex Professional Support and Wellbeing Unit (PSW).

Please refer to How do I make a referral? page for ideas on additional information you may want to add to your self-referral form.

In current circumstances, all meetings will be conducted by phone or video link.

Please refer to the Wessex PSW pages for more information about services available.

PLEASE NOTE – we are unable to provide emergency support as there may be a slight delay in allocating a Case Manager. If you require emergency assistance, please contact your local emergency support (own GP or Practitioner Health Programme) in the first instance.

*It is only possible to self-refer for support as a direct result of experiences with COVID-19. We are unable to accept self-referrals for non-COVID-19 related issues.

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