SuppoRTT for Shielding Trainees

HEE Wessex is committed to supporting trainee doctors that are shielding during the Covid-19 pandemic. Information about shielding and activities to support trainees and information for educators can be found on this page. We advise all trainees and educators to read the Wessex SuppoRTT for shielding trainees guidance.

Guidance and Resources

Shielding flowchart for trainees and educators

Shielding guidance and checklist for educators

Suggested activities for trainees whilst shielding

Resources for shielding trainees

HEE SuppoRTT: Advice for shielding trainees


The national shielding trainee advisory group (S-TAG) have run a series of webinars to provide guidance and support to trainees and educators. The recordings are now available to view.

Session 1: SuppoRTT for shielding trainees

Session 2: Returning from shielding – the impact, adjustment and moving forward


We recommend that you discuss the work you will be undertaking whilst shielding with your Educational Supervisor and clinical department. If you have any questions about shielding and the support HEE Wessex provide, please email