Courses & Training Dates

Please find below a list of courses and training dates that Wessex Trainees might find useful. To avoid disappointment, trainees booking onto these courses will need to ensure they give sufficient notice for requesting study leave.

Training Days for HST

WREMTA Training Days

14 September 2022  In person at  the Deanery Otterbourne

21 September 2022 Virtual Southampton

19 October 2022 virtual Basingstoke 

9 November 2022 In Person Portsmouth 

30 November 2022 Virtual Dorchester 

14 December 2022 In Person Southampton 

15 February 2023In person Basingstoke 

1 March 2023 Virtual Bournemouth 

22 March 2023 In person Salisbury 

26 April 2023 Virtual Southampton 

3 May 2023 virtual Salisbury 

24 May 2023 In person Portsmouth

21 June 2023 In person Poole 

5 July 2023 In person Bournemouth

EM LEADERS study day

All taking place at HEE-Wessex, Southern House, Otterbourne

Leading quality 

19 September 2022

17 October 2022

Leading change 

28 November 2022

6 December 2022

Leading strategy 

28 February 2023

20 March 2023


4 January 2023 based at UHS 

18 January 2023 based at UHS

Other courses

7 October 2022 Adult sedation course Portsmouth (Dr. Ben Atkinson)

8 November 2022 Decision making and human factors course Salisbury

16 November 2022 QI training Otterbourne( Booking via Accent)

23 November 2022 RIPS course UHD ( Dr. Annie Mason)

5 January 2023 RIPS course UHD( Dr. Annie Mason)

22 March 2023 RIPS course UHD ( Dr. Annie Mason)

RCEM events 

Kindly visit RCEM for further information and Booking. 

3 – 6 October 2022 RCEM ASC 

1 November 2022 Managing from trainee to consultant 

22 – 23 November 2022 EMTA  In Person Blackpool

18 – 20 April 2023 RCEM Spring conference London 

26 – 28 September 2023 RCEM ASC Glasgow

For further queries 

Contact the Trainee HST representatives

Training Days for ACCS and ST3

July 2022


RTD 10 (Poole) Dr Naomi Wee hosting – Tuesday 19th July 2022, Anaesthetics

Trainee Forum

Regional Anaesthesia

Medical ethics and research principles


Weakness and paralysis including stroke and stroke mimics

Pelvic Pain and menstrual disorders

Trainee presentations



5 July 2022 – Southampton (Tonia Donnelly)

Step up to ST4 : Intro to HST (HST TPD + EM HST/Registrar)


Leadership/Stepping-up XI: Being a registrar, doing nights solo (ED registrar) and Civility saves lives

Wellbeing: Resilience, Creating a healthy and supportive workplace, FERF

October 2022


Regional ACCS Simulation Day (Salisbury) – provisionally October 2022 – date TBC

RTD 12 (Deanery) – TPD and Trainee Rep hosting – Tuesday 18th October 2022

Trainee Forum

Trainee presentations


TPD update – curriculum, portfolios, reflective practice and ARCP requirements

Ballistics and blast injury

Ultrasound basics for ACCS – regional US faculty


November 2022


RTD 13 (Portsmouth) Dr Michela Iadarola hosting– Thursday 24th November 2022, AM

Trainee forum

Legal frameworks (to cover Death certificates, the coroner and mental health legislation)

Haematological emergencies


Alcohol and brief intervention teams

Care of the dying patient – Advanced care plans, psychosocial concerns, end of life decision making and palliative care

Acute Kidney Injury, electrolyte disorders and RRT


December 2022


RTD 14 (UHS) Dr Michael Stewart hosting – Tuesday 20th December 2022, ICM

Trainee Forum

Organ dysfunction – Respiratory failure, NIV (and when to intubate) and inotropic support

Evidence and guidelines – study methodologies, principles of critical appraisal, levels of evidence


Patient safety projects update – trainee presentations

Dermatological emergencies and concerning rashes

Christmas quiz!


February 2023


RTD 15 (Poole) Dr Brian Lockey hosting – Thursday 23rd February 2023, EM

Trainee Forum

Communication skills including breaking bad news

Palpitations and use of echocardiography


Wound assessment and management

The poisoned patient including toxidromes

Resuscitation medicine – CPR, evidence for relatives in the resus room and resus council guidelines


March 2023


RTD 16 (Salisbury) Dr Gail Ng hosting – Tuesday 21st March 2023, EM

Trainee Forum

Obstetric emergencies

Gastrointestinal disorders including jaundice/ cirrhosis/ GI bleeding/ IBD and functional disorders


Trainee presentations

Simulation cases – learning from SIRIs and decision making


April 2023


RTD 17 (Portsmouth) Dr Chirag Patel hosting – Thursday 20th April 2023, Anaesthetics

Trainee Forum

Antibiotic policy and public health

GUM emergencies – including needlestick/splash contamination injuries, HIV and PEP


Practical ultrasound +/- triggered assessments – Regional US faculty

Pre-ARCP update


May 2023


RTD 18 (UHS) Dr Gordon Morrison hosting – Tuesday 25th May 2023, AM

Trainee Forum

Fever including special groups (returning traveller, immunocompromised patients and PUO)

Frailty medicine


The European law and EWTD

Personal behaviours – GMC guidance/ Generic Professional Capabilities

Patient safety projects/ trainee presentations


June 2023


RTD 19 (Deanery) Dr Nicola Sparrow and Trainee Rep – Thursday 22nd June 2023

Trainee Forum

Case presentations


Urological emergencies

Paediatric trauma management

Diving medicine


July 2023


RTD 20 (Poole) Dr Matt Taylor hosting – Tuesday 18th July 2021, ICM

Trainee forum

Oncological emergencies

Difficult airway – assessment and management


Arrythmias, valvular disease and sudden cardiac death

Approach and management of the unconscious adult

Infection control including notifiable diseases