First national HEE Quality Review of Pre-registration Paramedic Education

The Health Education England Paramedic and Quality Teams are facilitating a National Thematic Review of Paramedicine training across England. This is the first national HEE Quality Review of Pre-registration Paramedic Education. It will be conducted across sectors that provide practice-based learning for pre-registration paramedic learners.

As part of the review the South East Paramedic and Quality Teams organise focus group meetings that provide an opportunity to hear experiences from the ground. Learners from the Higher Education Institutions that provide the paramedic pre-registration courses across the regions as well as practice educators (PEds) from the local NHS ambulance trusts and other practiced based learning environment providers will be invited to come and share their experiences.  

Due to the unique challenges presented to pre-registration paramedic learners due to the Covid-19 pandemic and other on-going system pressures, NQPs have also been invited. Their experiences will help provide a rich picture and deepen our understanding about the quality and support in pre-registration paramedic education. These individuals will also be able to provide a perspective on their experience of the transition from learner to practitioner. Their input will assist in shaping the Paramedic Foundation Preceptorship Framework being produced by the HEE national team. 

All the information captured from the focus group discussions will enable us to provide a report of findings and recommendations for future support and examples of good practice highlighted across paramedic learning sites. 

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