Cardiothoracic Surgery ST1 and ST3 National Recruitment

Recruitment for 2022 will follow the Round 1 2022 timetable. The exact timeline has now been confirmed below. Further information regarding the format for 2022 recruitment, applicant guide and shortlisting criteria will be available in due course.

Important to note – ST3 recruitment

We like to inform applicants that 2022 recruitment (for posts starting in August 2022) will be the last year of recruitment to ST3 Cardiothoracic Surgery posts.

After the 2022 recruitment cycle entry into this specialty will be at ST1 level only.

Key dates

Advert: 2/11/2021

Applications open: 10:00am 4/11/2021

Applications close: 4:00pm 1/12/2021

Interviews: 3/2/2022 and 4/2/2022

Application Documents and Links

The below documents relate to the 2021 recruitment round. These are revised every year and applicants should not base future applications on these documents. As soon as the 2022 documentation has been approved it will be published here.

Person Specifications


ST1 Applicant Guide – 2021

ST1 Shortlisting Criteria – 2021

ST3 Applicant Guide – 2021

ST3 Shortlisting Criteria – 2021

Post Numbers