Dorset GP Current Trainees

Current Trainees

Please find below information which will be useful for current trainees.

Current DRC Programme Timetable 2023/24:

31st January 2024ST3 DRC MUS
14th February 2024F2 Dermatology and ST3 Sexual Health
21st February 2024ST1 and ST2 Paediatrics
28th February 2024ST3 CAMHS and ST1 Starter Induction (external venue)
13th March 2024F2 Reflections on GP and ST3 Neurodiversity
20th March 2024ST1 Palliative Care and ST2 Dementia
27th March 2024ST3 DRC Endocrinology
10th April 2024F2 Induction and ST3 Paediatrics
17th April 2024ST1 MSK and ST2 Haematology
24th April 2024ST3 DRC Respiratory
8th May 2024F2 Dermatology and ST3 Urology
15th May 2024ST1 Lifestyle and ST2 Genomics and Ethics
22nd May 2024ST3 Management course (external venue)
12th June 2024F2 Posters and ST3 HRT
19th June 2024ST1 Psychiatry and ST2 Allergy
26th June 2024ST3 Diabetes
10th July 2024F2 Reflections on GP and ST3 Renal medicine
17th July 2024ST1 AKT and ST2 Neurodiversity
24th July 2024ST3 Good Samaritan Day (external venue)