Wessex Educators’ Forum

The Wessex Educators’ Forum (WEF) is an initiative that offers multi-stranded support for the development of GP Training Programme Directors (TPDs) across the HEE Wessex area. It encourages innovation and enables the sharing of learning ideas and resources.

Wessex has twice-yearly conferences where TPDs from the four Wessex patches come together to learn about training-related updates, undertake professional-development sessions and share novel ideas and research from across the patches to facilitate cross-fertilisation.

Recent speakers have included advanced communication-skills specialists and intercultural-communications specialists.  There are also opportunities for TPDs to develop skills such as small-group facilitation and receive support with educational research projects. 

The WEF website (password-protected) includes a cross-classified library of patch-generated research projects, learning scenarios, articles, presentations and teaching documents. 

Dr Alexandra Macdonald
Training Programme Director