Trainee Representatives

Role profile

Trainee representation is a key element in the development and monitoring of the Foundation Programme, and representatives play a valuable role in providing feedback and helping shape new initiatives.

At the beginning of each new Foundation Year 1 (F1) the Wessex Foundation School will appoint an F1 representative at each of the 10 Trusts delivering foundation training, giving a total of 10 Trust Foundation Trainee Representatives.  

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Of the selected group of representatives each year, one  F1  will be selected to become the Foundation School Trainee Representative, and one F1  will be selected for the role of Deputy Foundation School Trainee Representative. 

 In order to build continuity, trainees will hold the role of Trust representative and Foundation school representative for the entire two years of their foundation training in Wessex. Trainee representatives may choose to step down from their role at the beginning of their Foundation Year 2 (F2) if they choose. If a trainee does give up their role, the Trust and Foundation School will follow this application process to appoint a new  F2  representative for the year.

Roles and responsibilities

The primary role of a foundation trainee representative is to seek, collate and report the opinions of the foundation trainees within the Wessex Foundation School, on topics such as education and training, e-portfolio and careers advice.

Trust Foundation Trainee Representatives

The specific roles and responsibilities of all Trust Foundation Trainee Representatives are as follows:

To liaise with the other trust foundation trainee representatives to gain and share information on facts and opinions relating to the operation of the foundation programme.

Be proactive in seeking trainee opinion and the development of a communication network via the use of forums e.g. Facebook and local trust communication networks.

Assist in the effective communication between trainees and the Foundation School, and vice-versa.

In future, trainee reps may be asked to participate in Foundation School quality management visits to Trusts (N.B. a maximum of two trainee representatives will be required on visiting panels).

Foundation School Trainees Representatives

The additional responsibilities of the Foundation School F1 and F2 trainee representatives are as follows:

To be an active member of the Wessex Foundation School Committee (FSC) by attending meetings in person, twice a year.

To represent the views of foundation trainees on matters discussed at FSB meetings.

To liaise with the trust F1/F2 representatives and act as a link, feeding back on ideas and issues that trainees would like raised at the FSB meetings.

Represent the Wessex Foundation School at national meetings such as:

– UKFPO foundation doctor advisory board
– UKFPO national meetings
– National e-portfolio groups
– The Wessex F1 Welcome Event
– BMJ annual Career Fair

Application process

At the start of the F1 and F2 training year the foundation school will circulate an email to all F1 and F2 trainees within Wessex, notifying them of the application process and the application deadline.

Those expressing an interest should be foundation doctors undertaking a recognised two year foundation training programme.

Trust Foundation Trainee Representatives

F1 and F2 trainees who would like to apply for the role of trust trainee representative should submit their application locally to their Trust Foundation Programme Director via the Postgraduate Education Centre.

The local Trust Foundation Programme Director will review applications and appoint one trainee as F1 representative for the trust (and one trainee as F2 representative, if this position is vacant). Names and contact details will be forwarded to the Foundation School.

Foundation School Trainees Representatives

The Head of Foundation School will be notified of the group of F1/F2 trainees who have been appointed as trust representatives and will review the applications from trainees who would like to be considered for the role of Foundation School F1/F2 representative.

The Head of Foundation School will appoint a lead F1 and F2 trainee representative and two deputy trainee representatives. The appointed trainees will be notified via email of their appointment to be the lead or a deputy F1/F2 representative.

The deputy trainee representatives will be asked to attend FSC meetings and national meetings in place of the lead reps if they are unable to attend. Lead reps should attempt to give as much notice as possible if they are unable to attend a meeting, and should liaise with the deputy rep and the foundation school to provide notice.

Further information

Terms of Appointment

Each trust and foundation school representative will hold the post for the entire two years of their foundation training in Wessex.

The posts are unpaid, honorary roles, and are accountable to the Head of Foundation School and the local Trust Foundation Programme Director.

By accepting the role of Trainee Representative you are agreeing to share your contact email address with the other Trainee Representative’s in Wessex.

Health Education Wessex is able to reimburse travel expenses for trainee representatives who are required to travel to national or local meetings. Information about the process for submitting a claim for travel expenses will be sent to trainee representatives.

Last Updated August 2017

Foundation Trainee Representative Role Profile PDF document

Foundation School Trainee Representatives 2020-2021

Lead F1 School Representative

Phoebe Wilson – Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Deputy F1 School Representative

Lara Superfine – Isle of Wight NHS Trust 

Lead F2 School Representative

Ciaran Barlow – Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Deputy F2 School Representative

Laurence Baker – University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust