Specialised Foundation Programmes

HEE Wessex and Southampton University Faculty of Medicine offer a range of two-year Specialised Foundation Programmes.

Information about how to apply for an Academic Foundation Programme in Wessex can be found on our SFP recruitment pages

Specialised Foundation Programmes are offered in the following specialities. Job descriptions for each programme can be viewed by clicking on each title:

Clinical academic medicine is an exciting, fundamental and indispensable career. Clinical Academics play a significant role in producing and evaluating evidence to design and “translate” novel treatments and best practice into optimal patient care.

The Specialised Foundation Programme is the first component of post-graduate training in clinical academia following medical school training, where doctors with an interest in an academic career can gain exposure to the clinical academic environment and obtain experience in research skills relevant to enhancing patient care.

Specifically, the Academic Foundation Programme combines early clinical training with training in research methods, and includes a four-month academic placement during the second Foundation year.

The role of clinical academics is to combine research and/or teaching with clinical practice, hence great emphasis is placed upon acquiring strong clinical skills as well as high quality research training during the course of the programme.

A variety of research approaches exist within the Faculty of Medicine, including laboratory-based, epidemiological and health service research, and the University of Southampton is recognised as one of the top medical institutions which focuses on translational research in which improving patient diagnosis and treatment is viewed as the core inspiration and central motivation for its wide-ranging studies on health and disease.